Learning at Lowther Hall

From the youngest learners in our Early Learning Centre through to our girls in their final year of school, the emphasis at Lowther Hall is on providing personalised learning that enables every student to flourish and achieve her best.

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As part of Lowther Hall’s individualised approach, all our students are well known by classroom teachers, Year Level Coordinators and the School’s leadership team. There is a shared emphasis across the School on developing the  12 Qualities of a Lowther Hall Girl and educating the whole person for the whole of their life.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Our learning environment includes state-of-the-art facilities such as the Science Laboratories and Dance Studios in the recently completed  Noelene Horton Centre, our Learning Resource Centre, commercial grade Food Technology facility and learning spaces designed for contemporary instruction.

21st Century Learning, Embracing Technology

We are a forward-looking school, excited to be providing a relevant education for young women entering the world as adults in a time of great change. The fast-pace of the 21st century demands citizens who are creative, adaptable, flexible, innovative and digitally literate.

Our School embraces technologies that enhance and support student learning, and our staff integrate technology into the curriculum in a seamless and purposeful way. In Years 3 to 8, students use their own iPad, while girls in older year levels participate in our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program which enables students to work and learn using their preferred device.


The design and delivery of our curriculum, as well as our co-curricular and pastoral care programs, is focused on fostering a love of learning and an understanding that everyone learns differently. 

Junior School.  In Junior School, our curriculum inspires and engages while laying the essential foundations for future learning success. Read more...

Senior School.  In Senior School, our broad range of subject offerings enables students to tailor a unique program that reflects their unique passions as well as their career goals. Read more...