Our Values

Within our inclusive, caring school community, we support our girls to achieve academic excellence while at the same time developing a set of values that will help them to live full, happy and successful lives beyond the school gates.

We value:

  • Lowther Hall as a friendly and caring community in which all people matter, within the school family and beyond.
  • The pursuit of personal excellence, girls trying their hardest and being their best.
  • Students living out the values of our motto, Non Nobis Solum (which means ‘not for ourselves alone’).
  • A learning environment that encourages personal responsibility and independent thinking.
  • The nurturing of independent young women in mind, body and spirit, ready for the world beyond school.
  • A school community with diverse abilities, cultures and beliefs in which students, parents and teachers work as partners in education.
  • A broad curriculum that encourages each girl to discover and develop her unique interests, skills and talents.
  • Our Christian identity within the Anglican Church and the nurturing of spirituality as essential to and inseparable from human life.
  • A well planned environment in which buildings and grounds reinforce the family school concept.
  • Respect for the school environment and commitment to the conservation and sustainability of the planet.