Year 11 Camp

Honing leadership skills and career planning are key elements of the Year 11 camp, which is held in the CBD. 

The camp is run like a seminar with a series of workshops and experiences that the girls either select or are placed in according to the leadership positions they have expressed interest in running for.  They are exposed to a variety of student leadership and service models all aimed at prompting them to reflect on their own aspirations and the legacy they want to leave as leaders at Lowther Hall.

Student reflections:

The Year 11 Leadership Camp helped me to realise that a leader is much more than someone who can organise events and talk at assemblies. In order to be truly successful as a leader, they must be passionate in their chosen field, genuinely care for those they are leading, and most importantly believe that they are the best person for the position. 

(Georgia Santomartino Year 11 2014)

My visit to the Australian International Academy provided me with a valuable learning experience about leadership. I learnt that being passionate and having a vision about what you want to achieve are the keys to making a difference in the life of the school. Leadership also requires initiative, motivation and the ability to work with others in order to implement the vision.

(Maddy Rowe Year 11 2014)