Year 10 Camp

Developing independence and leadership is the focus of the Year 10 camp, which is delivered with the assistance of Year 11 girls.  

Taking place at the end of the year this camp is very much aimed at increasing the girl’s consciousness around independent decision making and the consequences of those decisions as they prepare to head into VCE.  The camp requires the girls, working in House groups, to find their own way to the campsite as well as planning and coordinating their meals for the week.  We are conscious that student’s lives can be very structured but for this camp they are given very little information in advance, offering them the opportunity to deal with the unpredictable and the unexpected.  

A cornerstone of this camp is the leadership of the Year 11s who volunteer to attend, providing not only excellent role models for our Year 10s but also an opportunity for increased connection between the two year levels as the head into their VCE Journey together.