Curriculum for Kindergarten is given immediately below.  Please scroll down for Preparatory to Year 6 curriculum.

Kindergarten curriculum outline

Students entering our Kindergarten have a rich and stimulating program where an emphasis is on learning through structured play.

They undertake

  • Small group activities
  • Outdoor play
  • Preliteracy and prenumeracy activities
  • Art and craft learning
  • Music
    • Introduction to beat and rhythm
    • Singing
    • Individual tuition available in Violin/Piano
  • Physical Education including:
    • Development of key skills
    • Gymnastics
    • Perceptual Motor Program
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Library (Learning Resource Centre)
  • Personal and Social learning
  • Fine and gross motor tasks
  • 21st Century Learning - Students engage in a wide range of media rich content actively practising 21st century learning skills via the use of iPads.


Before and After School Care are also available.


Preparatory to Year 6 curriculum outline

The curriculum has been developed to incorporate the best of all learning approaches through a balanced program that provides for meaningful, significant and challenging experiences for our girls.

  • Literacy.  Reading, Writing, Viewing, Listening, Speaking.
  • Subject Skills & Knowledge. Specific skills and knowledge are taught through the relevant key learning areas. Teachers have expertise in these specific learning areas and focus on the processes and content that are critical to that subject.
  • Numeracy. Maths Problem Solving, Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry,  Statistics and Probability. 
  • Integrated Studies. An inquiry approach links key learning areas including Science, Health and History.
  • Japanese (Years 4-6). Develops aural, oral reading and writing skills in Japanese.
  • Philosophy & Religious Studies.  The program teaches the Christian religion and respect for other faiths.
  • Physical Education. Physical skills are developed alongside fitness.
  • Sport (Years 4-6). A variety of team sports in a fortnightly competition.
  • Library (Learning Resource Centre). Includes information technology, literature and research skills.
  • Skills4Life. Explores the areas of resilience, relationships and identity.
  • Music. Choir, Band, Orchestra [Years 4-6], Instrumental class program [Years 3-6], Individual tuition available for all instruments. Classroom music – Kodaly program.
  • Visual Arts. To develop imaginative and expressive potential in a wide range of two and three dimensional art media. 
  • Learning Strategies Program. Support for students requiring educational assistance in the core areas of literacy and numeracy.
  • Enrichment Program. This program provides a range of enrichment activities both within and outside of the regular classroom program.
  • 21st Century Learning. Students engage in a wide range of media rich content actively practising 21st century learning skills via the use of iPads.


Before and After School Care are also available.